Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Psychology, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, IR Iran

2 Department of Statistics, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, IR Iran


Background: In modern societies, nurses’ issues and investigation of their problems has found a vital importance. Objectives : The present study investigated the mediating role of hospital stress and anxiety in relationship between psychological capital and depression in women nurses.
Methods: This research was a correlational study. Data was analyzed by the path analyze method and by using Amos (v. 22). Participants included 178 nurses (females) in hospitals from Borujerd city, Lorestan Province, that were selected by the accidental sampling method. Participants completed the hospital stress scale, psychological capital scale, as well as they negative emotions scale. To examine reliability of measures, cronbach coefficient, and to determine validity, internal consistency was used. The results showed an acceptable reliability and validity of the instruments.
Results: Results showed that: (1) the variables of self-efficacy (β = -0.041, P = 0.007), resilience (β = -0.071, P = 0.008), hope (β = -0.067, P = 0.004), and optimism (β = -0.087, P= 0.003), had a negative and indirect effect on depression; (2) the variables of self-efficacy (β = -0.025, P = 0.014), resilience (β = -0.155, P= 0.006), hope (β = -0.040, P = 0.007), and optimism (β = -0.245, P = 0.006), had a negative and indirect effect on anxiety; (3) hospital stress (β = 0.175, P = 0.006) had a positive and indirect effect on depression.
Conclusions: According to these results, increasing of dimensions of psychological capital leads to reduction of hospital stress, anxiety, and depression in female nurses.