Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Sport Sciences, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

2 Department of Exercise Physiology, Payam Noor University, Shiraz, Iran

3 Medical Imaging Research Center; Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran



Background: Aging is an inevitable physiological process leading to a progressive decrease in muscle mass and function, which is called sarcopenia. Correspondingly, this study aimed to investigate the effect of High-Intensity Interval Resistance Training (HIIRT) on certain sarcopenia-related factors in elderly women.
Methods: This was a quasi-experimental study in which thirty elderly women aged 60 to 70 years, from April to September 2020, volunteered to participate and were randomly assigned to the experimental (n=15) and control (n=15) groups. Body Mass Index (BMI), Appendicular Skeletal Muscle Mass (ASM), Appendicular Skeletal Muscle Mass Index (ASMI), and body fat percentage were measured using bioelectric impedance analysis; handgrip strength was measured via Jamar dynamometer; walking speed was measured employing six-meter walking test (6MWT); IGF-1 level (μg/L) was measured with Mediagnost kit (Germany) and serum myostatin level (ng/L) was measured using ELISA kit from R&D Company (USA) via Enzyme-Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay )ELISA( method in two stages: pre-test (week 0) and post-test (end of week 8). Independent t-test was subsequently utilized to assess the research variables through SPSS software version 23 at 0.05 level of significance.
Results: The results indicated a significant decrease in body fat percentage (1.05±0.79, p <0.001) and Myostatin (MSTN) (87.25±82.38, p <0.01) and a significant increase in handgrip strength (-08.58±4.50, p <0.001), ASM (-4.91±0.28, p <0.001), ASMI (-0.19±0.11, p <0.001), and 6MWT (-0.42±0.26, p <0.001) in the experimental group compared to the control. There was also an increase in IGF-1 (-0.83±2.90, P=0.88), yet it was not significant.
Conclusion: The major components indicative of sarcopenia were improved through High-Intensity Interval Resistance Training. Therefore, HIIRT appeared to be one of the most important coping strategies for reduction of muscle mass and strength in older women. We could thus conclude that it is necessary for the elderly to do this type of training.