Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Health Psychology, Khorramshahr International Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khorramshahr, Iran

2 Department of Psychology, Ahvaz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran


Background: The diagnosis of cervical cancer significantly affects the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of women. This study aimed to investigate the relationships between chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and experiential avoidance (EA) with HRQOL, mediated by depression in women with cervical cancer.
Methods: This descriptive-correlational study selected 261 cervical cancer cases in Mashhad, Iran in 2021, using purposive sampling from October 10, 2021 to December 24, 2021. The research tools include the SF-36 Questionnaire, the Chalder Fatigue Scale, the Brief Experiential Avoidance Questionnaire, and Beck Depression Inventory. Data analysis was done using Pearson correlation coefficient and structural equation modeling in SPSS version 27 and AMOS version 24.
Results: The results indicated that all direct paths, with the exception of CFS, significantly correlated with HRQOL (P<0.001). Depression mediated the significant indirect paths of CFS to HRQOL and the significant relationship between EA and HRQOL (P<0.001).
Conclusions: The findings of this study revealed that CFS and EA were negatively related to HRQOL in women with cervical cancer. Moreover, depression mediated the relationship of CFS and EA with HRQOL.


How to Cite: Sakkaki S, Naderi F, Hafezi F. Relationships Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Experiential Avoidance, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Cervical Cancer Cases Mediated by Depression. Women. Health. Bull. 2023;10(2):104-111. doi: 10.30476/WHB.2023.98545.1228.


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